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Authentic Chen Style Tai-Chi

Chen Style Taijiquan

Taijiquan - (Commonly called tai chi) was conceived by Chinese general Chen Wangting, who developed it originally as a grappling art for close-quarters combat. While today most Western schools emphasize the long-term, low-impact aerobic fitness benefits of Yang-style tai chi, authentic Chen Taiji offers rich health benefits and a potent form of defense. Chen Taiji consists of harmonious movements of varying speeds, ideal for both stress relief and self defense. It employs laws of physics and principles of circular movement to deflect, absorb and redirect opposing forces. The greater the strength exerted against you, the more force available to counter it. Individuals seeking a challenging workout that includes both low- and high-impact and meditative elements need to look no further then Chen Taiji. In addition to being a powerful martial art form, tai chi is an ideal fitness program for people of any age or health condition. Chen Taiji's lowered stances and harmonious forms punctuated by explosive movement improve strength and conditioning and aid in weight loss, while meditative breathing helps to strengthen the mind-body connection.