Mind Body Synergy Institute
Authentic Chen Style Tai-Chi

Welcome to Mind Body Synergy Institute

A truly unique school promoting:
Authentic Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)

The first method of Taiji dating back to the Ming Dynasty in China.
One of the only schools in MN offering traditional Chinese martial arts that encompasses all aspects of Tai chi that includes: Health , Art , and Tradition.
At the Mind Body Synergy Institute we offer the complete martial art of Chen Tai chi which includes:
  • Complete kinesthetic body alignment and conditioning.
  • Complete body awareness and body mechanics.
  • Physical and mental fitness, well-being.
  • Holistic health for the entire family.
All elements which Chen Taiji were founded on & still practiced today in China
  • Traditional Silk Reeling (body alignment and conditioning)
  • Traditional Chinese Forms (balance and coordination)
  • Traditional Chinese weapons (expressing power and grace)
  • Traditional (Push Hands) Sparring
  • Grappling (Chin - Na) Joint Locking
  • Throwing (Shuai Jiao) Chinese wrestling